Our Partners
American Marsh

We are a well established company specializing in the supply of pumps, valves and related products to the building industries, factories and marine.

The product brands that we represent include Weinman (USA); Thompson Kelly & Lewis (Australia); Flowcon (USA); Paragon (USA); American Marsh (USA); Smedegaard (Denmark).


The FlowCon High Flow series of valves are designed to meet the higher capacity flow limiting requirements of pumps, chillers, boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and filters.

FlowCon International

World of applications in power generation, water supply, industry, mining and agriculture.
Thomson, Kelly & Lewis

For high capacity commercial, municipal and industrial applications.


Whether your need is a self-priming diaphragm, a stainless steel vertical sump pump, or anything in between, American-Marsh Pumps will provide you with a durable, hi-quality solution.


All of our pumps have been thoroughly evaluated and tested to assure the highest quality in workmanship and performance. All pumps are manufactured to rigid international specifications in facilities certified to ISO 9001.


Smedegaard has been manufacturing pumps for almost 60 years. Since the start the policy remains the same to produce a quality product combined with a first class sales and service backup. Long-term investment in innovation and technology enables us to supply pumps with low energy consumption at competitive prices. Our eco policy secures focus upon the use of recyclable materials.


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